Radio Bob’s latest music picks

samphillipsBookBecause I’ve just read the Peter Guralnick Book Sam Phillips, the Man Who Invented Rock n’ Roll… I’ve been listening to some of the early 50’s blues recordings that Sam made including tracks like:  Baker Shop Boogie by Willie Nix, Easy by Jimmy and Walter, or (one of Sam’s first discoveries)  Joe Hill Louis with She May be Yours (but She Comes to See Me Sometimes).   You can find them all on Sun Records – 60 Years, 60 Singles and many of the other SUN compilations.  These recordings are really RAW!  But so “clear” in the way that they were recorded that you can almost imagine yourself in the small studio at 706 Union in Memphis in 1951!  (Hell, they hadn’t even INVENTED echo yet! )  Sam always said that he was looking for “the perfect imperfection”  so that if a phone rang during a session, or somebody played a wrong note it was not only “OK” but desirable… because it was REAL.

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