TAUNY salutes a Lewis County dance band that's always been a family affair

Todd Moe profiles The Adirondack Playboys Band     
A display cabinet at TAUNY is filled with Streeter family musical memorabilia – a fiddle, ukelele, guitar picks and square dance call books. Photo: Todd Moe

On Sunday, Traditonal Arts in Upstate New York will be holding its 24th annual Salute to North Country Legends at the TAUNY Center in Canton.

Each year, TAUNY’s North Country Heritage Awards recognize individuals, families, and community groups who demonstrate evidence of mastery, a creative commitment to their art form, and a commitment to their community and the teaching of others.

Hammond philanthropist Allan P. Newell has earned an Evergreen Award for his commitment to history and folk culture. The St. Lawrence Power and Equipment Museum in Madrid is also one of this year’s Evergreen Award Recipients for its focus on antique farm equipment.

4-H Camp Overlook is an old great camp/hotel site in Franklin County, in the northern foothills of the Adirondacks. It's this year’s recipient of the Register of Very Special Places Award.

The Adirondack Playboys Band, from Lewis County, is this year’s Inherited Traditions Award Recipient. The family ensemble has been a performing dance band for more than sixty years. Todd Moe caught up with Dale Streeter, a second generation member of the band. His father and uncles started the band back in the 1940's.

Here's more at TAUNY's website

The Adirondack Playboys Band's website

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