Classic country music from a Swedish perspective: The Long Gone Smiles Band

Michael and Birgitta from the Long Gone Smiles Band talk with Barb Heller     

LGSB Poster largeEven though Bluegrass music is uniquely American, it appeals to musicians around the world.  Barb Heller  recently spoke with two members of The Long Gone Smiles Band, who play, sing, perform, and write songs in the style of the bluegrass and country masters.

Michael Lindgren and Birgitta Adamson live in Stockholm, Sweden.  Their band recently released a new album called More For The Money. They also have MANY other talents besides music:  Birgitta is a gardener, builder, painter and restoration artist, and Michael has authored two books, built houses, restores Harley Davidson motorcyles, and creates museum-quality duplications of Leonardo da Vinci’s 15th century machines.

But they both say the thing they like most is making music. Barb spoke with them recently via Skype from Stockholm.

2 thoughts on “Classic country music from a Swedish perspective: The Long Gone Smiles Band

    1. Thank you, Hans! Glad you enjoyed this.
      Actually, Joel Hurd deserves a lot of credit as engineer and producer of this piece. We love The Long Gone Smiles Band!
      Thanks for listening!

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