String Fever

Thursdays from 3 pm to 5 pm

Join NCPR each Thursday afternoon at 3:00 for the best acoustic and bluegrass music in the North Country.

Host Barb Heller says:
If you are a first-time visitor, let me tell you a little more about String Fever: It’s all about the music – and the players.Barb Heller

I welcome live soloists, bands, and co-hosts in the String Fever studio – especially if you have an upcoming gig in our listening area! You can reach me anytime via email (, or by calling the station toll-free at 877-388-6277. If you have a gig in the region please email me the details for inclusion on String Fever – and include a copy to too!

There’s nothing like live music, but I strive to make String Fever your weekly nearly-as-good-as-a-live-gig Bluegrass Café… and I hope that you’ll hear something on the air that inspires you to seek out the live, in-person version of it; whether it’s a bluegrass festival, concert or workshop.

So… until we meet in person at a gig, festival, concert or fundraiser…. Happy listening! See you on the radio,


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7 thoughts on “String Fever

  1. Fascinating to hear Back Home in Derry today, to the tune of the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Even more fun to google it (my silly husband suggested that the Derry version might have come first!) and find that Bobby Sands wrote those Derry lyrics. Who knew?! Thanks for sharing that song! Love The Wreck…!

  2. Thanks so much for this wonderful show, Barb! I can’t say I was a major bluegrass fan before I first caught you on NCPR, but now I try to “dial in” every week. So much good music out there, brought to light by your warm and professional presentation. Keep up the good work! Kevin…

  3. Great tunes, as always. I love each and every afternoon music show. I get my dose of music diversity. Today, another very knowledgeable, sweet presentation by Barb.

  4. We are listening and enjoying the show. Hi Mark and Gary! I tried to get Tim to pose with his 12-string but he said “they’ve seen me and my 12-string before.” Just wanted you to know we are here with you today. We miss you and the wonderful music.

    Thanks Barb for the great show.

  5. love the show! I remember the show when living in Pierrepont and Danny Gotham was on mic. now living in bluegrass country of Missouri!

  6. Loving the show today. It is a great way to pass an afternoon spent in the drudgery of sifting and filing a year’s worth of paperwork:)

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