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Music for a Monday delivers the best of world and international music each week, only on North Country Public Radio.

Jackie Sauter hspace=Jackie Sauter says: Can’t sing, don’t play an instrument, but I sure do love music, all kinds, and I love sharing it with listeners on Mondays. Besides enriching our own lives, music really is a universal language and has so many possibilities for helping us understand each other better and come to a fuller appreciation of other cultures and world views.

The emphasis on the show is on world music, but we also take many eclectic side trips to swing, jazz, blues, folk, country, pop and beyond, with special attention paid to new releases that I think you would enjoy. Public radio listeners are a sophisticated and discriminating bunch, so keeping up with you is always a challenge.

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14 thoughts on “Music for a Monday

  1. Just a message from very appreciative listener from Gananoque, Ontario.
    The music your station plays throughout the week (from 4 to 5) makes my drive home from work a pleasure. I’ve discovered a lot of fantastic artists thanks to your programs and always spread the good word to my musical friends. (Lake Street Dive, Steel Drivers, Birds Of Chicago, and JT Nero, especially!) Also really love the retro R&B. Please, keep it up! Thanks!

  2. Hey Jackie…I just wanted to say that you show is absolutely wonderful and has turned me on to so many new musicians and vocal artists!!! Building a whole new library around your selections. So thank you! I know that music rewind is just for the previous week. Has NCPR every thought about putting many segments of your show without weather, news and other interruptions on a CD or CD collection and then making it available when you do a fundraiser???? A way for your loyal listeners to get lots of your music and be members (which I am).


  3. Jackie,
    Great selections today. I heard “Tusk” and the very same show came to mind. It was one of the first episodes of Season 1 of the Americans. A chase scene on foot.
    Loved it.

  4. Hi Jackie,
    Driving through the Adirondack Mountains on my way from Connecticut to my farmhouse near Canton, I heard your Monday afternoon show of world music. I thought I died and went to heaven. Never in my life have I heard such a compilation of astoundingly beautiful, soul-enriching music. Thank you. You are a charming part of what makes North Country utterly precious.

  5. The talk show “Duet” with Anne Savoy & Linda Ronstadt was great. I started it on my way home from Potsdam and couldn’t wait to get my groceries into the house to finish hearing the rest of it.
    Also enjoyed the music from 4:00-5:00 and hearing of upcoming local events.

  6. Hi Jackie,
    I’m listening to your show for the first time and I feel compelled to direct you to the late Eva Cassidy’s astounding version of Autumn leaves from her Live at Blues Alley album. Compared to this the Paula Cole version is absolutely cringeworthy. She really shouldn’t have tried that.
    In fact it seems that the theme of your show today is to play sad versions of great songs that were done much better by somebody else (I Walk the Line, This Magic Moment). From your playlists it seems you have done much better on past shows and will listen again, but except for Emmylou and Van Morrison I am mystified by many of your song choices today.

  7. Jackie-I have particularly enjoyed your take on good music.I am here to heartily endorse a new Singer -Composer with a- brand new cd out and about and I want you to listen to it-if you please.What can I do to get the cd to you so you might give a listen to this remarkable singer and a songwriter?The cd was produced and played on by Malcom Burn of EmmyLou fame as well as the Neville Brothers.I really endorse this cd -his voice speaks straight to the heart of the human experience and with no kant or glibness.Please give this man a listen.Thank you-David Sanford of Wiliston VT a NCPR listener for 10 years.

  8. Jackie, Your show is dependable, creative and gentle (over the past 10 years) – rarely quitting NCPR during your Monday Music program – turning to my own music. Also, you have a true radio voice. American Folk, aside from Celtic, is not my forte, but you keep us in touch, learning and enjoying. Less “ditsy music” than others, more critical eclectic choices. Thanks for your professionalism.

  9. Jackie,
    Love your show. I don’t know if you may remember me, but I am Tony
    Gallagher’s Significant other. Today is the 1 year since his passing. He loved you guys. Thanks for your choices of music.
    Kerry Kross

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