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14 thoughts on “The Radio Bob Show

  1. We lost our local Blues radio station over the summer, but your signal is coming through loud and clear here in Ottawa, Canada. Love your show ( and Blue Note too 🙂 ) !!

  2. Radio Bob,
    My husband and I moved to the north country last year and have become avid fans of your show. However, I do confess, at least once a show we remark to each other: “Where did he find THAT?” and frequently: “My God! I haven’t heard that in so long.” Please, keep up the good work.

    Lynda and Brian

  3. Cool, you played “I Ain’t Got No Heart” Love that Album. Bought it before it was available in the stores. Ordered it direct by mail from an ad on BU underground FM station.

  4. Hi Mr. Radio Bob

    I have listened to your show for years on my drive home from Colchester VT to South Hero VT. I am amazed by the songs and artists you play that I have never heard of that I think are incredible. But yesterday you played Memphis Soul Stew by King Curtis. That just blew me away and I immediately logged on to my Napster account and loaded several songs to my playlist. Nice to know that at 60 years old there is still a ton of great music out there I love to listen to and a lot of it is thanks to you!

    Mike Moffatt
    South Hero, VT

  5. Bob, I used to live in Ray Brook, that’s where I first heard your show. I live in Allendale, N.J. now ans still listen on the internet. I’ve spoken to you on the phone requesting Palisades Park, by Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon. Keep up the good work! Roy Van Wyk

  6. You are rocking it this afternoon! Dolly Parton, U2 x2, and now my fave JT — I think of it as a Christmas song, but I love it any time of year! Usually not listening at this hour — home early from hospice work and charting patient visits. What a treat! Thank you!

  7. Hi, Bob! I miss how you’d say that Wakefield Apiaries is where they make the apes. If you could throw that in again here and there, it’d be hilarious.

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